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British English related to Airports

After watching the video, find lexical differences between
 the British and American English. 
Leave comments with your answers, ok?  

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A number of English idioms that have essentially the same meaning show lexical differences between the British and the American version; for instance:
British English American English
not touch something with a bargepole not touch something with a ten-foot pole
sweep under the carpet sweep under the rug
touch wood knock on wood
see the wood for the trees see the forest for the trees
throw a spanner (in the works) throw a (monkey) wrench (into a situation)
put (or stick) your oar in
but it won't make a ha'porth of difference
to put your two penneth (or tuppence worth) in
to put your two cents (or two cents' worth) in
skeleton in the cupboard skeleton in the closet
a home from home a home away from home
blow one's trumpet blow (or toot) one's horn
a drop in the ocean a drop in the bucket
flogging a dead horse beating a dead horse
haven't (got) a clue don't have a clue or have no clue
a new lease of life a new lease on life
lie of the land lay of the land
to take something with a pinch of salt to take something with a grain of salt
a tempest (or storm) in a teacup a tempest in a teapot

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