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Temple Grandin, diagnosticada com autismo na infância, fala sobre como a sua mente funciona — compartilhando a sua habilidade de "pensar em imagens", que a ajuda a resolver problemas que cérebros neurotípicos não conseguiriam. Ela traz à tona que o mundo precisa de pessoas com o espectro autista: pensadores visuais, pensadores em padrões, pensadores verbais e todos os tipos de crianças espertas e inteligentes.

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What Educators Need to Know

 about Reading


Here are the 20 reasons  why you should read, this is just a brief overview, head over to the original article to read them in details.


1- Enhances the senses
2- Enables lifelong learning
3- Allows for better skill retention
4- Improves creativity
5- Better verbal abilities
6- Increases one's stores of knowledge
7- Higher test scores
8- Reduced stress levels
9- Improves critical thinking
10- Staves off dementia
11- Dimentia settles in at a slower rate
12- Better reasoning
13- Confidence building
14-  More white matter
15- Increases brain flexibility
16- Improved memory
17- Build relationships between parents and children
18- Better listening skills
19-  An easier time concentrating
20- Alleviates mental health disorders

Source: http://www.educatorstechnology.com



What do you know about creativity?

A Job Interview in New york City

Why and How to become a good English learner?

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This is the language of creativity and technology.
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Suject and object cases

Open your mind and learn what you need, what is important to you, what you've learned to choose consciously
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She is listening to music.
Can you hear the music she is listening to?

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