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New vocabulary and idioms about the "hot" Weather

“Very hot” words and idioms
Posted: 11 Jun 2012 04:00 AM PDT
By Erica De Monaco Lowry 
I had never thought too much about how blessed I was with the tropical weather in Brazil until I faced the severe cold here. I do not want to complain. I got used to the low temperatures and I do things such as having hot chocolate and watch a good movie while I enjoy the heat from the fireplace.


Great, but I don’t miss the winter at the moment

The sun is shining in Ireland. We’re having amazing days with temperatures up to 25°C. People talk about the weather all the time, everywhere. On the bus, in the supermarket, at school…everyone shares their plans to enjoy as much as they can before the sun is gone. We know that tomorrow everything can change and ‘Bye, sun, nice to see you’.
The high temperatures like these in Ireland are far and few between; there is even a joke: ‘Summer time in Ireland is a great day!’ or ‘Summer last year was a great day!’

Ok, let’s get down to business

With the weather being the centre of attention and conversations, the lifelong learner wastes no time to learn new vocabulary and idioms. Here are some sentences I put together to share with you:
  • ‘It’s scorching weather!’
  • ‘I’m boiling!’
  • ‘I’m roasting!’
  • ‘It’s sticky weather’
  • ‘This room is like an oven today!’
  • ‘The sun is splitting the stones!’
  • ‘It’s  so hot you can fry an egg on the stone! (Good to know: Ireland is a very old country with ancient castles and ruins, which means there are stones all around!)
  • Balmy conditions inBelfast…’ (on the news)
  • ‘We’re currently experiencing a heat wave’ (on the news)
  • ‘I’m sweating like a pig!’ (Pigs do not sweat much. The person who came up with this idiom was probably so affected by the heat, or the smell, that they did not even know what they were saying! I am joking. If you wish you can check the link below to learn the real meaning of the expression. Interesting.) Read: The Expression “Sweating Like a Pig” Has Nothing to Do with Pigs.
  • I wish I was not working today!’ or ‘Maybe I will call in sick today’ (There is no ‘summer’ vocabulary here, but it is exactly what people feel like doing these days.)

Now It’s Your Turn

These are just a few words and expressions that people use here when the sunshine pays a visit. As you can imagine, the vocabulary to describe the winter, the snow and the very low temperatures is much more numerous.
So now, tell me some other words and idioms that you may know related to hot weather, which can be all the time depending where you live.
Hope you have enjoyed that.
See you next time! Stay cool!
About the Author: Erica De Monaco Lowry is Brazilian and has been living in Ireland for the past four years. She has the CAE certificate and loves learning new things. Her favorite pastimes include reading, travelling, socialising and catching up with her family.

Image:O’Brien’s Tower

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