domingo, 1 de julho de 2012

Opera House in Sydney


The OPERA HOUSE is located in Sydney. There are around 4.8 million people in the city. It is considered the most populous city in Australia. The Language spoken is English.

The Currency used in the whole country is the Australian dollar(sign: $; code: AUD). AUD equals one real and eighty cents.

Sydney is the largest and oldest city in the country being one of the most attractive tourist points in the world. It has beautiful beaches and crystal clear water.

Boomerang is a name adapted from an extinct Aboriginal language of New South Wales, Australia. 

The official animal of Australia is the Kangaroo.

Sydney Opera House is a masterpiece of modern architecture. There are fours auditoriums. It was created by Jorn Utzonand and opened by the Queen Elizabeth II in 1973.
It received an award for its architecture in 2003.

OPERA HOUSE and HARBOUR BRIDGE  make SIDNEY  one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Source: Wikipedia

Student: Silvânia R. da Matta                                                                    
Teacher: Nayla

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